Items For Sale

Andy's Taxidermy Studio offers a variety of products that can be purchased year round. 
For your convenience, purchases may be made over the telephone using your credit card. 
Cash, checks and money orders are also accepted. Call for prices and item availability.


Taxidermy specimens for sale include: 
Trout: whole frozen hatchery raised brookies, browns, golden, 
rainbows, some up to 30". Good quality trout, good fins, etc. 
Frozen, whole or skinned black bears, bobcats, foxes, 
squirrels, coyotes, otters mink, and more. Some tanned. 
Pen-raised fawns.  Mounted fawns. Stocked turkey heads freeze dried. 
 Deer feet for gun racks. 90 degree angle with or without rods. 
Antlers: Deer, fallow, elk and maybe others. Tanned deer capes. 
Chipmunks frozen whole or mounted in various poses.


Call for details (570) 323-4771

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