Freeze drying is a means of preservation that removes all moisture from body tissues leaving them virtually intact. Through a process of extremely low temperatures and the application of vacuum over a long period of time, the tissues are dried out and protected from decay. Freeze drying allows your pet to be preserved in as natural a state as possible. It is the only preservation process that retains all of your pet’s natural features for a truly realistic look.

Freeze Dry Price List

Bats $50.00 - 60.00
Beaver Tails $20.00
Bullfrogs $70.00
Chipmunks (yours) $55.00
Chipmunks (stock) $60.00
Flying Squirrels $60.00
Mice $25.00
Mink $125.00
Rabbit (Cottontail) $150.00
Rabbit (Snowshoe) $175.00
Squirrels $110.00
Weasels $90.00
Woodcock $75.00
Turkey Heads (yours) $40.00
Stock Turkey Heads $48.00
Alligator Heads $9.00 per pound
Lizards $5.50 per inch
Snakes $4.00 per inch
Snapping Turtles $150.00 - 175.00
Turtles (small) $40.00 and up
Deer Feet (without rods) $15.00 per foot
Deer Feet (with rods) $25.00 per foot
Elk Feet $45.00 per foot
Velvet Antlers $65.00 and up
Fish (up to 9 inches) $40.00
Fish (over 9 inches) $40.00 - 80.00
Domestic Pets $650.00 and up


Helpful Information 
All specimens should be 24 hours shipped frozen UPS delivery or Federal Express.

We require a 50% down payment along with directions or photos for the specimen.

If there is no deposit, it will be placed in the freezer and you shall be contacted prior to us discarding or selling the item. We are not a storage facility.

The remaining 50% will be due prior to shipment of the specimen. We accept personal checks, money orders or cashier checks for payment.

Extra charges apply for mounts that need bases or driftwood supplied by us.

All excess shipping fees shall be returned to you and indicated on the invoice.

We will not assume responsibility for specimens received in poor condition due to shipping delays or poor handling, such as UPS delays not sent on Monday or shipped ground service, items in the freezer too long, freezer burned, shot up holes, road kill or improper packaging thaw out when received.

All prices are subject to change.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us before shipping.