Game Heads

Bringing down that big game animal is a reflection of your skill as a hunter. Preserving its wild, natural beauty for years to come is a reflection of my skill as a taxidermist.


Don't trust your game head or shoulder mount with anyone else. I offer quality work at reasonable prices and will work with you to establish a completion time that suits your needs. Your piece will make a great addition to your office, den, bedroom or family room.


Don't wait until hunting season. Give me a call or contact me by email now to discuss preparation and delivery arrangements of your big game animal. Planning ahead will save you time and ensure your game arrives in the best possible condition.

Life-Size Mounts

Choosing to preserve a life size mount gives you the benefit of displaying your trophy in a piece of its natural habitat.


Seeing a mountain goat standing majestically on a piece of rock or a bear standing over a fallen mossy oak brings the scene to life.


We do life-size mounts for small animals, like weasels and raccoons, as well as big game pieces like bears and mountain lions. We will work to accommodate your preferences of natural and artificial scenery to reflect the region and season of your choice.


If you have an idea for a custom mount, please feel free to contact us.