Animal Freeze-Drying in Williamsport, PA

To get the best-preserved animal, you want it to have minimal moisture and keep as much of the body intact as possible before it goes through the preservation process. This is where freeze drying comes into play, and it is one of the best methods in the industry. When you first bring in the animal, it should be frozen and intact.

At that time, the animal will be dried out with a high-powered vacuum while remaining frozen. This allows the moisture to be removed, leaving less than ten percent in the entire animal. Because there is no moisture, the animal cannot spoil in its natural process. The bacteria that would normally set in cannot do so because of the dry environment.

Who Uses Freeze Drying?

The most popular customer in the taxidermy industry is the game hunter, and they show a real appreciation for the freeze drying process. In marine and reptile game trophies, the scaly skin adapts most efficiently to this process. It is able to remain preserved and lasts longer than traditional taxidermy processes would have on these animals.

Benefits of Freeze Drying

One of the most important benefits of freeze drying is the lack of invasion. The more a taxidermist has to invade a specimen, the less it appears to be life-like. This diminishes the natural beauty and is one of the reasons that freeze drying is desired.

Freeze drying also keeps a natural position and form of the animal. Traditional taxidermy practices would have most animals shrinking when the process was over, but with freeze drying, there is less reduction to be concerned with. The natural position that the animals take is not staged, and their eyes have a more natural look.

In the past, traditional taxidermy left marine animals to slowly develop internal contamination. This is not the case with freeze drying because the cracks in the outer layers are reduced significantly. These benefits showcase the very reason why anyone who wants to have an animal preserved would want to consider freeze drying.

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